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How Can Product Descriptions Boost Your Online Sales?


The marketing techniques for the year 2021 has been slightly different from past years as it demands more creative ideas and impactful techniques from the brands to maintain a robust engagement with their audience, and the most convenient way to keep such connection is acknowledging the audience with powerful counseling of their services and goods. This might sound like a hard nut to crack in such a year when counseling your audience physically itself is a challenge but is not as difficult as it feels. All it needs is creative and impactful ideas that make your product stand out in the competitive market.

The Competitive market for such brands is through E-Commerce, which compels the brand to glitter the product as gold but couldn’t manage to bring shine in their goods. The shine attracts the audience towards the gold. Well talking about gold can be used as a metaphor for goods, products, and services, while shine can represent the product’s information and detailed description which attracts the audience towards itself. Famous Quotes here will complement my argument.

“All that glitters is not gold” and “Never judge a book by its cover. “

That’s how the products and goods work in the market depending upon how they are more in trend rather than the actual purpose of their existence. This gives rise to the question of How come we distinguish between fads and needs? The answer to such a question is Product descriptions. 

Product Description plays a significant role in its sales as on rational grounds it not only values the particular good but also helps in increasing goodwill for its brand. The greater you maintain interaction with your customer, the better chances it builds for your customer to value your product. It is observed in an E-Commerce market that one-fourth of the product’s sales graph depends upon the Product description even if it triggers the situation to drive customers into withdrawing services from the brand and consider their nature as a felony. On the contrary, an adequate product description can make or break an online merchant’s success.

1) Product Description

Product Description is the written information of the product which describes the benefits and features of the products and moreover an initial step of regaining your customer’s confidence in your product as well as the brand. Similar measures are also considered necessary from the brand’s end as well for ensuring the customer with adequate and authentic information. But it also comprises few elements which mainly work for captivating your customer’s attention. It can either be the extra services, beneficial privilege, uniqueness, and other factors that help customers to make a decision to buy your product.

Product description by now sounds to be an effective and efficient outcome for the brands to market their product, but it also demands some handful of concentrations. If these concentrations are made, the product description might work in a more effective way than not considered.

2) Length Of Product Description

The standard rule for product description in Ecommerce mainly lies between 300 – 600 words, depending upon the product’s complexities. This general term is also backed up by the competitive brands; if their complete information of the product’s description and its benefits are provided in few potential sentences, then your outcome could be good enough to grab attention in the market.

Steps for the Productive Description:

The productive description is different terminology than a product description. The practical description is mainly the evaluation made in the report, which makes the particular product stand out. Furthermore, it works by regaining the closer bond to the customer than a dry content which hardly engages the attention. The productive description requires some elements to be considered as primary. Each element plays a significant role when written as it covers classes of queries that might arise in the customer’s mind, and limited information might not be helpful for the customer to find the product appealing.

  • Creative input 

The description demands the creative input as its primary element as it might increase your chances either of gaining a potential customer or losing the one. Your creative input is more critical to be variational. The contrast in your product description reduces your chances of contradiction with your customer. Moreover, plagiarized content might drag you to duplication charges by the search engines 

  • Target Audience  

Injecting the product description into your targeted audience’s mind is not less than putting a creative input into the narrative. But for that, analyzing your target audience is a primary condition. It works through analysis from digital marketing tools such as google analytics. The tonal variation and humoristic approach might work as a cherry on top of the cake. Casual interaction through your written content might help your product description to be productive. 

  • Storylines 

Adding storylines in your product description might work as an influential element with the customer. Briefing them with the best incidents helps create a casual bond between the product and the customer. Such engagement requires adequate and authenticity in the description as the more facts you will disclose, the more loyal the customer would be to your product. 

  • Convincing Content 

The content should be convincing enough for the customer to be relatable with the product. It also includes customer expectations for easy and convenient texts which are easy to understand and scannable by their mind. Imagine driving your potential customer to another path while they are strongly engaged in gathering product information.

  • Optimization  

 Optimizing the content works differently as it incorporates a vast area of research through SEO standards. The optimization entails keywords that are used as a parameter to drive him to your product. Every particular information that is relevant to the product should be accommodated in a description. The room for such information varies accordingly as per its primary usage. 

  • Prioritize Relevancy 

The standard rule for E-Commerce marketing is that they prioritize all relevant details which should be acknowledged by the customer and should be initially disclosed in a description. This information can also be bold or capitalized to grab the reader’s attention.

  • Highlight Key Details 

Highlighting key details carries sufficient information for the product’s life, and if not noticed, might reduce the product life. These details could be anything like “keep in a warm place. “

  • Sensory orientation guide

Your audience might include some special person or handicapped who might not find your descriptive text appealing. Even a sensory guide might not be effective, but it carries a lot of potential for the audience to consider you on emotional grounds. 


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