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Review On Netflix Money Heist Part 5

As September 3rd is around the corner. A significant class of Netflix audience is planning to stick to their couches to enjoy their weekend by watching the 5th part of the famous crime thriller series Money Heist. By the end of the 4th part of the renowned series, the audience not only came out with a handful of questions they had anticipated through the ending but also a massive pool of emotions they experienced. So, naturally, the feelings they hold for The Professor and his gang. But moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the last season was mainly driven by two characters who had given a hard time to the Professor’s gang with variant and thrilling adventures and had successfully managed to scatter their strategies into pieces until getting control back in the concluding hour of the season. 

Allicia Sierra

Allicia is not the character who is bound for an introduction. She is one of the most hated characters in the series after Arturo Roman, but even the most liked for her unsympathetic, ruthless, and inhuman behavior towards the gang. But it’s her instinctive tactics to shatter the team by indulging them into emotions physiologically. Her ruthlessness had brought twists and turns in the gang’s plan. Standing brittle as a wall against the team and their aim of looting the bank of Spain. Allicia had managed to gain the maximum hatred of the audience from the beginning of her appearance,

She captured RIO and physically tortured him while interrogating him for the robbery in season 3 . Much to the extent that he was on the track of becoming a catalyst for the plan to the law enforcement force until rescued by the Professor.

The rage of fire had not cooled down by then. Until Allicia came up with another attack on Professor by faking the death of Lisbon, who was made captive in a forest chase, this was another success for her as the Professor was on the edge of aborting the mission. Still, such consequences had led the gang into making a retaliation and blasting the armored jeep that was on its way into the bank. More to set her feet in quicksand, she hit on Lisbon by warning for her role in the robbery, which might distance her from her mother and daughter from her, but soon this was also taken care of by The Professor. 

Simultaneously, Alicia had made another move by compelling Nairobi to meet her long distanced birth child Axel, which was too the sentimental attack on the most potential player of the gang that led to her being injured, making her an indirect victim. For every step, she carried a plan to retaliate. This brought chaos among the gang and had made them paralyzed by the situation. 

Currently facing the accusation from the Authorities for commanding off duty, she has been under strict surveillance. But considering such things might be a barrier for an eight-month pregnant woman might be an act of stupidity, even when she is on track of making massive destruction for herself. So checking the Professor at the end of the season is nothing less than courage, even in such a condition. 

Anticipation that has been observed for the coming season is that such a step might lead the gang to surrender or the Professor to dismiss. But you can expect anything from Allicia, getting much humiliation even after her enormous contribution by the authorities and finding Professor an outcome to retaliate. Not much changed after Raquel Murillo’s transformation to Lisbon. 

Apart from her, few more characters have made anticipation for their appearance in the last season of the series. Few of them are briefly examined as under. Let’s roll our eyeballs again and check out which character is about to give a hard time to the gang, similar to Allicia.

Cesar Gandia 

Gandia is none less than Alicia in character; Gandia’s character can be regarded as the Allicia character within the premises of a bank. You might have witnessed massive damages that have been made by Gandia in the series. Nairobi’s death, being distinctive above all and captivating Tokyo in the burner, needed hard balls. But it hasn’t finished yet. In the concluding visuals of season 4, we have witnessed one on one fight between Bogota and Gandia, resulting in Gandia’s merciless death. This was due to the aggression of Nairobi’s death, which Bogota holds feelings for.
Gandia is a trained assassin; he got his skills set to mold the situation accordingly. Even though Gandia’s character was most hated by the audience, simultaneously, it was the core reason for giving the season a potential progression. But his character’s farewell should be more interesting than punches and few kicks. Being a highly trained assassin, he might have some tricks to hold his breath and fool a gang that has already been bombarded with enormous grief. There are not many visuals of Gandia in the coming season trailer apart from one getting kicked by Tokyo. But even such a visual holds a significant impact on the audience’s mind as his expression, unlike Tokyo, was more confident.


You might be wondering what significance a dead man holds. Every episode folds up a new twist that was previously analyzed by Berlin as being the core planner of the heist in the Bank of Spain, and when the whole gang is on the edge of giving up, Professor being chained up by Allicia, Military on walls of bank, Professor himself backing up, being bound to the situation at the point had led the gang making an arbitrary decision, but some visuals of Berlin might add some thrilling twists in the story and would give the unexpected turns to the story but by the time primary class of audience has anticipated Money heist to be turning into the sad end as all the characters are on track of getting killed or surrender. And such chaos has been found in the considerable crowd that sees Berlin as a light at the end of the tunnel. 

For even an exciting facet of the storyline, you might find Nairobi to be buried within the bank, as Helsinki taking her up might be counseled with a plan and her funeral casket to be filled with gold coins to hijack a post to the heist if someone survived. 


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