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5 Ideal Ways For a Freelance Writer – Client Meeting

5 Ideal Ways For a Freelance Writer - Client Meeting

Dynamic writing demands a diversified writer with the capabilities of dealing in any situation, may it be in favor or against. Nowadays, content writing has become so essential that every business requires a profound amount of content to be portrayed in their marketing strategies.

For a potent relationship between the reader and writer, the Client works as the priest to make their relationship official and consistent in society. But the Client here needs a calculated amount of pampering, and so does the freelance writer, and to build such a bond. A writer needs to maintain an economical friendly relationship with their client to drive the writer to more opportunities to provide work shortly.

There are ideal ways for a writer to melt down his Client to attain his writing services. But for such attainment, it requires a massive amount of effort from a writer to recognize the clients. 

Although a massive disruption is observed after 2020, for the freelance industry, companies are more concerned about appointing services through solid recognized business websites that uphold their position in the market. These factors had severely affected the freelance writers in the market. 

The primary reason observed among the clients surveyed is that freelance writers proposed variational high price quotations to the clients and that too with a certain amount of inconsistency that compelled the clients to withdraw services from the freelancers and opt for the recognized websites providing similar services. With such consideration, the charges of freelance writers are dropped from $1/word to $0.6/word, that being the biggest plunge in the span of the last three years. But as the situation in 2021 comes back to normal and with the set standard of last year by the freelancers, it is considered among the clients. As a result, they are more likely to increase the rate of their services more effectively.

Numerous writers have been influential in freelance marketing but are unaware of some essential attributes that a potential client considers as primary. Such Elements are comprehensively discussed below for the convenience of the writers so that they could maintain a sustainable relationship with the clients and increase their circle of services with a potential evaluation and feedback, allowing other clients to attract towards your services and moreover maintaining a dominant position in the competitive market. 

Various ways which had a significant impact on the Client are as below. 

Defined Niche :

The most effective way for a client to attract your services is to make them aware of your Niche. Niche is mainly the particular subject a Freelance content writer holds expertise in. This might be variational, collective, or on one specific issue. The Niche can be easily explained through an example of a Writer having collective expertise in book writing, resume and content business website might have a higher chance to get attracted by the Client but if your Client is more likely to be in Law enforcement departments and needed a brief content over their particular subject they might not connect with you looking through your defined Niche. 

Generate maximum Guest Posts

The most effective way to get recognition in the freelance industry is to generate the maximum amount of guest posts to get your name recognized. This helps in getting most evaluations and testimonials from previous clients. The potential Client is more likely to attract your services considering such testimonials and reviews as the influential factor. 

Guest posts are mainly working in idealizing your name and quality among the new clients as guest posts can also be updated as the sample quality of your work which will boost up your credibility among the prospects.

Strong based Research

As per specific standards, it is observed that the Client keeps a record of hidden evaluation for the services they attain from the companies or freelancers. This criterion is set by the clients themselves, which allows them to increase your credits as per their evaluation. On the other hand, this practice always sounds profound because of having intense Research over the subject and moreover the content which your Client had appointed you for. Within the initial meeting, try to propose ideas that hold an overall impact on the Client’s demand so that it portrays the Client’s decision of appointing you as their ultimate need. Some questions that should arise in the writer’s mind are 

  • How big is the company?
  • Who do they sell to?
  • What are they known for?
  • What are they currently doing?
  • Where are there opportunities for you to help?

Design Questionnaire for the Client

Asking for details and information about the Client leaves a significant impact on the Client as they observe your inquisitiveness of knowing more about them. Even if you are not prepared for the question, try to set a standard of multiple questions that you should ask from every Client. This set of questions might need minor changes in its subject, but overall would be profound to add stars to your credits. Some of the most common questions are: 

  • What quantity of writing do they need?
  • Are there general topics to cover, or will you be given specific titles?
  • How quickly will they need work completed?
  • How much autonomy will you have?
  • Has any research been done?
  • What do they want to be included, and how will you submit work?
  • How much ongoing contact do they want?

Sticking to Guidelines

Apart from creating a good impression, it requires a massive amount of concentration from the Client’s overview of guidelines. Clients are very much concerned about attaining services as per mentioned or provided guidelines. This area holds great significance in the whole process of service provision to the Client as it holds a significant impact on your position in the market with a greater risk. 

Your Client might demand consistent changes and rewrites of the content until perfection is attained. This might be a tactic to examine your services, but majorly it is observed that such practices are considered phenomenal for the writer’s portfolio as it managed to provide great satisfaction to its Client. 


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