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How to create Wikipedia page for Hotels

How to create Wikipedia page for Hotels

Wikipedia being the leading platform for search engines, has prominently managed to have a profound grasp over gaining the attention of the majority of internet users through its exceptional approach to knowledge, facts, and relatable argument. As a result, every organization has put substantial efforts into getting Wikipedia recognition for their comp[anies to have a potential value on the internet. 

Wikipedia being the massive pool of raw and distinctive data, had a grasp over 66 % of the internet market through variant approaches. On the other hand, Wikipedia demands some only factors that are regarded as essential for creating a page for any organization. These factors are mainly considered as the parameter to evaluate the particular criteria for a creator to produce organic content for their company, organization, or institution that may lead them in getting valuable recognition among the competitive market. As for Wikipedia protocols, some pervasive conditions are essential for a creator to produce their content calculative.

Even though your organization tends to produce heavy revenue through digital marketing, post the situation of Covid from 2020, and might have designed some digital marketing strategies to gain the hefty amount of customer attention that would lead towards your brand and sound helpful in boosting up your sales. But Wikipedia works differently as it has restricted its users to be limited with the competitive strategy and fabricated facts and arguments. The reasons for such consideration is due to 

  • Wikipedia being the monster to Search engines, accommodates a large number of companies within itself. These companies should not depict an element of contradiction within themselves. 
  • It disregards any direct advertising and marketing strategy within its platform. Although it allows the company to nurture their brand so that their basis sounds appealing to the reader. 
  • Although getting Wikipedia recognition is not rocket science, it carries a tremendous amount of attention for the creator to input data that holds the most potential and authentic knowledge for the subject. And that to be supported with relatable facts and arguments that should not have the essence for reviews or testimonials. 
  • Criticizing the rival companies that hold Wikipedia highly disregards a similar brand objective. Wikipedia contains the exact procedure of evaluating the content. Suppose it has the element of such factors. In that case, your content might be void through Wikipedia. It can potentially lose the credibility of your business website on search engines as Wikipedia holds around 66 % of visibility search on the internet. 

Apart from such consideration, Wikipedia demands an incredible amount of attention from its creator before evaluating the content for publishing on the internet platforms. And each organization is bound to follow such factors as primary, or their content posted on Wikipedia would be of no use. 

Extracting out the reason for creating a Wikipedia page 

It is very often observed in the audience that they are more likely to get the flow of trending topics that have gained the most potential in the market through its exceptional approach. Creating a Wikipedia page was one such consideration among the audience observed in the initial years. Still, many Wikipedia pages were disregarded due to lack of maintenance and heavy input of irrelevant facts and arguments. With such regard, Wikipedia has designed some policies for the creator to create their content through verifying the purpose of their creation through passing through such processes, which are as under. 

Having an exceptional facility that makes your organizations stand out in the market. 

Although Wikipedia does not allow the companies to incorporate the elements of direct marketing and advertising in its platform due, being a hub of knowledge for collaborative companies, it does allow the brands and organizations to input variant and exceptional commodities they provide to their customers and make them significantly dominant over the competitors. 

Burj Khalifa holds significant recognition for being the first skyscraper hotel that stands out among the different hotels for their height and aerial view that gives an exceptional idea to its visitor. With such recognition, Burj Khalifa became the first hotel to create a record with its excellent approach. Before this, Burj ul Arab was among the most attractive and appealing hotel for its exclusive curved shape. 


Notability holds excellent significance for Wikipedia pages. It is even regarded as the license of owning a Wikipedia page. Moreover, the company owners are very keen to get a notability for their company through variant approaches so that their organization could stand out. Notability is gained through various techniques, such as either the owner being distinctive enough to grab audience attention through their fame or the hotel itself is regarded as the pioneer for such competition. 

You might have heard the name of famous hotels that generate exceptional revenue annually and might have no distinctive facility that entertains the demands of their customers but are considered notable due to the heavy backup recognition of their owners proving themselves to be exceptional for their organization. 

Gwinganna Health Retreat is, although an organic resort that mainly works in soothing their customers through various facilities, particularly Natural therapy, is owned by very well known actor Hugh Jackman which he discovered while copying himself for the character of wolverine and is now the profound co-owner of the resort. Along with Jackman, many other notable actors have owned some hotels that give their Wikipedia page a variant and exclusive recognition due to their fame, such as under. 

  • Leonardo DiCaprio: Blackadore Caye
  • Jason Priestley: Terrace Beach Resort
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Pestana CR7 hotels
  • Andy Murray, Cromlix Hotel
Getting recognition for being dominant 

This practice is highly regarded as essential for the organization owners to design the strategies that hold great importance among the audience to keep a considerable eye over their business. Sometimes such systems work in creating an exceptional view among the market and give your organization a dominant position over the competitors. 

La Tomatina being one of the most hype festivals in Spain, mainly in the town of Bunol, People all over Spain travels to Bunol for such festivals and demands for a hotel by that time has a varying fluctuation in prices. But few hotel owners decrease their accommodation prices at the time of celebration which helps them in gaining the most customer attraction and such yearly practices have made them recognized all over Spain, due to which the customers usually book their slots prior to the festival. This practice demands a very high amount of effort and risks as in the initial years, they faced a tremendous plunge in their revenue but have now gotten a boost above the average for their exceptional approach. Also, they got the most visibility on search engines due to the extensive amount of customer reviews and testimonials. 


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