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Agencies And Businesses And Marketers, Oh My

Fiver Was Not Suitable For Green West Corp

Terry Davies wanted to boost the number of visitors his e-commerce pool supply site was getting. Unfortunately, he had poor content from low-priced marketplaces and only 50 – 60 visits per day on organic traffic, so he needed a better solution!

Harry Brown’s Obsession

When the agency founder and CEO decided to serve personal injury lawyers, he had a lot on his plate. Not only did this new niche require him to take an entirely different approach, but there is also no shortage of competition in today’s market for powerful marketing techniques like content creation or SEO strategies that can help build Torque’s with Google searches.”

Interaction with Social SEO Specialists….

The Vice President of Holly Marketing Network shared his story :

“I was heels over the edge for writing blog posts for skincare and beauty products for the aging women in their forties for our nutraceutical clients by midnight .”

Managing Employees is Difficult

“The best thing about working with an outsourced marketing team is that you don’t have to worry about all those pesky taxes and employ management. All you need to do is just focus on your clients’ businesses!

Noah Smith was taken advantage of being Honest.

When Noah Smith’s agency, NS Marketing, struggled to create weekly blog posts, he doubted something strange. It became clear that his digital content creation skills were subpar—a struggle for an SMB who feels like they should be doing more than just pushing out marketing messages on social media platforms every week.

Our Services saved TRK Communications by 57%

TRK Communications’ content management system needed an overhaul. The Writer Hub offered us efficient, scalable and user-friendly services to manage our content strategies. In addition, they have been using 50+ freelancers so that our tedious work gets off easily.

Rapidly Growing TRICONE Square.

The South Manchester marketing agency, on the hunt for talented freelance writers to keep their team small and content quality high just when they founded The Writer Hub to boost their content management.

Track Rider Calls for Content

When Track Rider founder and CEO Kevin Jones found himself spending a lot of money with a PR agency for coverage in places like Forbes and TechCrunch, which created valuable exposure through backlinks, but no one stayed around once they got there.

“The Writer Hub not only gets the content done, but it cuts down on the getting-to-know-you time to bring writers in on your brand. You can control the content and quality of that content.”

SAMANTHA M Owner, Dove Way

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