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FIVER was not suitable for Green West Corp

Terry Davies wanted to boost the number of visitors his e-commerce pool supply site was getting. Unfortunately, he had poor content from low-priced marketplaces and only 50 – 60 visits per day on organic traffic, so he needed a better solution!



“We have always valued quality over anything else, but I knew we had to pull up our game when faced with the challenge of surpassing other companies. Our new content is just what was needed!”

  • Terry Davies, Founder, and CEO, Green West Corp.

Terry was searching for someone who could write engaging blog posts, but he didn’t have the budget for a full-time employee. He found this Fiverr seller and was able to get what they offered at an affordable price – just what his company needed!. For which it was essential to different input components in the content that was as follows:

  • Highlight the brand identity through a specific tone. 
  • High on quality and research
  • An economical solution that could give him enough room 
  • Highly convertible tangible traffic.

Terry had to boost his small business’ organic traffic to stay afloat in a crowded market.



“We started out writing just blog posts, but we quickly learned to get excellent product descriptions and category pages too. This is what drove up to our rankings for specific high margin products, which brought the return that was needed.”

  • Terry Davies, Founder, and CEO, Green West Corp.

Green West Corp was looking for an efficient way to manage its extensive content library. They heard about us from a friend and decided to give The Writer Hub Writing Services LLC a try after seeing how well-written our previous projects were, especially those with the technical sophistication they needed, specifically in pool chemicals which can become overly tedious if written poorly enough. 

Terry and his team turned towards The Writer Hub for longer content to make the most out of their pool chemical guide. They were looking at a 2k+ word comprehensive resource that could become overly technical and boring, but our writers gracefully handled it!

After thorough research over the need of Green West Corp, The Writer Hub is consistent in producing four different types of content :

That being 

  • Product Descriptions 
  • Categorical pages 
  • Long Guides 
  • Blog Posts 

“Having access to an expert in our industry is crucial for getting content out quickly. The Writer Hub saves us time by finding relevant writers and letting them do what they know best, which improves production rates.”



“Green West was able to find success with a niche in the market because of The Writer Hub’s help. Now, they can focus on simplifying and streamlining their content marketing strategy for Terry’s business without considering how it will be implemented or what tools are needed! ”

With the affiliation of The Writer Hub, Green West Corp had managed to witness enough business growth and had come with improved stat across the board. The Writer Hub had seen the following :

  • Rise in Organic traffic up to 68%
  • The revenue was increased even more up to 175%
  • Higher quality scores in Google shopping impact lower costs per click. 

Working with Verblio has made Wild West’s content—once a stressful piece of the marketing puzzle–into fuel for growth. The company noticed an incredible 4,177% spike in traffic after implementing their services which is why they say it’s time you take advantage too!

“We were able to publish our new content quickly and without any hassle. It’s so easy, and you could do it yourself!

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