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Harry Brown’s Obsession

When the agency founder and CEO decided to serve personal injury lawyers, he had a lot on his plate. Not only did this new niche require him to take an entirely different approach, but there is also no shortage of competition in today’s market for powerful marketing techniques like content creation or SEO strategies that can help build Torque’s with Google searches.”



“My problems are different. I work with lawyers, and their ethics can sometimes be tricky to navigate! Plus, we have to worry about legal issues like advertising regulations or bar certification for our content - not just making it well-written but also sound as authentic as possible so that any lawyer would want to take on such an important writing task.”

  • Harry Brown, Founder, and CEO, Torque Law Clinic

Torque Law clinic was surrounded by a few impactful problems that being :

  1. Scalability In-house team writers were difficult. 
  2. Lack of Communication with Clients due to critical legal terminologies 
  3. Unavailability of Potential writers 
  4. Freelance writers were lacking in management 
  5. Content vendors were high on budgets 

“To ensure success with an SEO strategy, it’s important that the content production is engaging. Clients were constantly getting frustrated when their publication did not appear in search engine rankings.”



“Torque has gone through many content vendors in the past, but none could keep up with their high standards. Their last outsourcing partner was so bad that it came close to plagiarism. They eventually found The Writer Hub, an innovative platform that quickly produces quality work while still meeting all of our needs!”

When the Torque firm team was faced with rewriting the content they’d already paid for, they turned to Google and found us. We built our agency a custom solution that allowed them to produce better work and sleep soundly at night, knowing their clients were happy campers too!

The factors that are influential for the content in the Writer Hub are :

  • Our writers are consistent in producing content based on research and legal administration. 
  • Have a grasp over the JD toolset to verify content if it falls on Legal standards. 

With such practice, The writer Hub produces high quality, low cost, and increases Torque ranking on google searches. 

What makes The Writer Hub different?

  • Researched based content production from the initial stage Consistency in providing Custom Solution Verification of content through JDs tools 
  • Account Management  Scalability to increase content quality.



“We feel so much less stressed about our workload now that we’ve implemented The Writer Hub.”

  • Harry Brown, Founder, and CEO, Torque Law Clinic

Harry has finally found a solution to all of his content problems. He’s partnering with The Writer Hub, and they will be able to provide the resources he needs for success!

The impact of high rankings can be extracted through : 

“Torque Law Firm is producing coherent and cohesive content that leads in Legal authorities. “

“After experiencing every content vendor in the business, The Writer Hub falls as per our standards. They can produce high-quality work at scale, which we need for this project. 

  • Harry Brown, Founder, and CEO, Torque Law Clinic

Harry says that if any law firms are experiencing the symptoms of sluggish turnaround times or poor quality, then our agency can help. He suggests reaching out to The Writer Hub for assistance!

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