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Interaction with Social SEO Specialists….

The Vice President of Holly Marketing Network shared his story :

“I was heels over the edge for writing blog posts for skincare and beauty products for the aging women in their forties for our nutraceutical clients by midnight .”



"Over three years, we have lost thousands on content creation but were not fruitful enough to gather much attention from the audience ."

  • Ted Davies, VP Enterprising accounts, PRT SEO

Ted is the agency’s most reliable resource, often guiding clients through their first digital marketing steps. He has been recognized as an expert on enterprise accounts and in-house SEO to speaking engagements across America! But late last night, we heard from his assistant, who said that Ted would rather be writing about skin care products instead…

Ted is a unique individual who has lived an adventurous life. He’s six foot four, wears cowboy boots, and drives around in his pickup truck!

For Ted, content creation had become just another necessary evil—an essential task to the SEO process. Still believing in its critical driver of results with clients kept him creating even when it wasn’t necessarily part of his job description at first glance; however, After losing money on money, shredder became a key factor for Ted to approach The Writer Hub.



"It feels like I'm talking to a living, breathing human being. The posts come back so fast it's crazy!"

  • Ted Davies, VP Enterprising accounts, PRT SEO

At the time of Collaboration with the PRT SEO Firm, Social SEO content writers were indulged in an ongoing project that included:

  • In-house group of writers interaction through FT. 
  • A wave of individual freelance writers highly SEO optimized. 

It was crucial to implement expertise over the subject. 

We needed an article about Section 105 of the IRS tax code as it applies to Health Reimbursement Arrangements. But, unfortunately, I don’t want to learn about this—it sounds boring. And I don’t want to pay one of my in-house writers to research it.”

“Our need for articles completely depends on IRS Tax codings regulations for Health reimbursement Arrangements that falls for section 105. Therefore, extracting core knowledge about the topic is quite daunting and critical for which we need assistance from the writer hub to resolve our problems .”

  • Ted Davies, VP Enterprising accounts, PRT SEO

TED has been a client for many outsource content writers, but his experience varies over the time 

“That was my first time using a content writing service, and it wasn’t the best experience.”

He had doubts about The Writer Hub, but Ted signed up one of their smaller clients as a test which convinced him.

He approached us the next day to inform us that he had got his submission back, which was good.

The writer had followed instructions poorly, so the content wasn’t what Ted needed. We told him to hang on for just a few days, though; he’d likely get another submission from an experienced editor soon enough!

The next day there was a boom in our customer email support. But, again, Ted was consistent in bombarding us with fruitful Kudos. 

Our approach to catering content production services is quite linear. We’ve found that deadlines are often tight for our clients, with many of them wanting things fast. So we make sure all requests get a response within 24 hours – even if it means making some exceptions!

TED shared his views on our services :

 “I’m in search of a service like this one. You seem to really care about your clients and get back in touch with them very quickly.”



"When we're fully ramped up, I expect to be using The Writer Hub60 - 70% of all our content. It's going great so far, and it has helped us keep on track with developing new ways for customers around the world."

  • Ted Davies, VP Enterprising accounts, PRT SEO

The Writer Hub is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in social media and search engine optimization. They have created content for over 25 clients, including SocialSEO’s newest client, who spent thousands of dollars on their services this month alone! In addition to working with The Writer HubBusinesses internally. 

The content creation process will be streamlined using The Writer Hub. Says Ted, 

“With the help of The Writer Hub, we’ll be able to increase our content output by 55-75%.”

With the Writer Hub, we are on track on achieving certain milestones simultaneously : 

  • The quality of content production increased rapidly through writers having expertise in the subject. 
  • The Profit margin has a positive impact due to a change in content quality. 

“I have a huge room to work on my ongoing project for writing on bath soap products exceeding more than 3000 words. That’s rarely a topic that attracts me. ” 

TED after getting assistance from The Writer Hub that lowered his burden. 

“Also, working on proctology research-based content is something that is backed with maximum research, but with such convenience, I am proceeding to 300 pieces. “

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