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Managing Employees is Difficult

“The best thing about working with an outsourced marketing team is that you don’t have to worry about all those pesky taxes and employ management. All you need to do is just focus on your clients’ businesses!

About Cubec Tech About Cubec Tech

One of the most important aspects of running an outsourced IT company is digital marketing. Cubec Tech is a leading agency for this industry specializing in small to mid-sized businesses with their clients ranging from large scale to remote industries. Cubec Tech handles all aspects of your website design through SEO optimization or content management services; they have you covered!



"We are interested in outsourcing legal technology writing services twice per month efficiently."

-Olivia Evans – Managing Partner, Cubec Tech 

Olivia tried other content providers but was dissatisfied with their services. They seemed always trying to sell me more things instead of focusing on fixing what they were doing- as if I needed another problem! When he came across ____ though (the perfect solution), it finally gave him an answer for all his problems – not just one specific challenge at this point either; everything got solved quickly and easily thanks to how well thought out these folks’ platform is from start to finish. 

Apart from this, Olivia’s concern for Cubec Tech was more for :

  • Hiring excessive employees can increase the cost. 
  • I could not get quality work by the deadline.
  • The best thing about hiring 1099 or W2 employees is that they don’t need payroll paperwork. 

Additionally, Olivia regards herself as the worst person to manage people, convincing her to hire outsourcers for her clients. And consulting The Writer Hub was one big decision she made to bring quality to Cubec Tech. 

Cubec Tech founders were founded to explicitly avoid such things.

“Ever since I sold my first company, it’s been hard to stay away from management. But when Cubec Tech reached out with an opportunity for me to be a partial owner and help hire people who can work alongside them as they grow in this industry, no way would happen again.” Olivia Evans – Managing Partner, Cubec Tech 



"When Olivia tried The Writer Hub, she found that it was like a gold mine for talent. Nowadays, her writing projects are more fulfilling and diverse than ever before!"

The most important thing for Olivia is that she feels like a real person and not just an investment. “I don’t enjoy managing people, but I feel like you care about my success,” said the CEO of The Writer Hub in regards to her relationship with coworkers, clients etc., which drives him daily despite any difficulties or obstacles they might throw at them.”

After choosing The Writer Hub, the quality of content production for Cubec Tech increases, which makes them connected to their Clients. The factors that make The Writer Hub different are :

  • Platform 
  • Talent 
  • Partnership 
  • Time efficiency 
  • Scalability 

Olivia is one of the many small business owners who have seen their profits soar after switching to The Writer Hub. She says that by eliminating tasks like SEO and website management, she saved hours each month for other more important projects in her company. The results were so positive on Olivia’s end. They inspired her to share this story with others looking into cutting down costs or simplifying operations – something every entrepreneur strives towards!



"I could never have scaled to this level without you. Your company has been an invaluable partner in our success, and I am so grateful for all that we've achieved together!"

  • Olivia Evans – Managing Partner, Cubec Tech

Working with us allows Olivia to better serve Ulistic’s clients and meet their expectations. For example, she shared a story about one client who voiced some concerns before telling her that they were looking for content to quickly turn around time-wise – which is when I got called in! It was great working alongside such an understanding team member like Olivias; she cared about ensuring we delivered what our customers needed without sacrificing quality or service delivery method.

“I am so overwhelmed with how quickly the request was filled! Within a short span, services were provided so efficiently that we were asked, too, before meeting the deadline, which gives us enough room to review the content more thoroughly. This is such an awesome service and makes me want more than ever to use their services in the future.”

  • Olivia Evans – Managing Partner, Cubec Tech

“It takes time for a relationship to blossom. Working with The Writer Hub is like working on your own; you can’t expect everything to just turn into perfection from day one,” said Olivia regarding her experience using the platform’s services. However, she stressed that there would be onboarding, and she had come full circle in understanding how important it was by looking at other organizations’ outputs rather than relying solely upon herself or them alone – “the more detailed briefs we give out; especially when they involve something specific.”

The same output could not have been attained if I had hired employees to meet the deadline with the same quality. It’s just flushing your $20k on W2 employees. The Writer Hub had given a new content production to Cubec Tech. 

I’m always looking for ways to save time. And when it comes down to just the management of people and not having an overhead cost in my business? That’s something worth celebrating!

  • Olivia Evans – Managing Partner, Cubec Tech

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