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The Writer Hub consistently produces effective results by generating content extracted from thorough research made through Professors, Masters, Ph.D. holders, and JDs. TWH also holds a significant hand in gathering opinions through the field experts to have sufficient quality in the content. 

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The best approach is that 6% of all applicants will become The Writer Hub writers.


26% of Writers are qualified with masters and Ph.D. degrees.


67% are licensed in tracking content for plagiarism.


100% of writers have affiliated with the writer hub for five years.

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Meet A Few Of The Writer Hub Expert Writers

Jordan Hampton

Hampton built-up computer technology for over ten years before establishing his training and executive coaching business the previous year. Jordan’s previous clients included high-profile companies like his own. He also worked as an Authorized Realtor and held his neighborhood’s ethics committee before his move to Houston.

Post Solid: 760 

Hampton was the Fellow of the British Institute of Management credential (before emigrating to Houston), the Licensed Realtor, the Master’s in the theory of learning, the HubSpot Inbound-certified assets translate to years of experience, has what makes Hampton outstand in the field of writing extracted through a wider experience. 

“Hampton has made me fall in love with his argumentative style of writing. It is what makes me connect to his content more adequately. His understanding of the topic stands out with the nature of content guided initially. With easy-to-understand and captivating content, it has also fallen in SEO standards and is highly market competitive. “


Sarah Burnier

Sarah Burnier is a medical graduate working for the Writer Hub remotely; she is very much involved in social awareness programs and has sufficient expertise in writing for social causes. In addition, she has experience in different languages that include English, Spanish, French, and Arabic, making her grasp more profound over different cultures. Sarah has been serving her customers with consistent and brainstorming content. 

Post Solds: 117

Sarah has achieved a great milestone by covering up 117 soLd posts in such a short span. However, she has confined her writing capabilities to certain departments: Healthcare, Medicine, Social Awareness, Education, etc. 

“Initially, I was struggling to understand her content, but over the period, she has gathered a great ability to make me connect to her content more conveniently. “


Robert Sandwell

Robert is a freelance writer and music producer who has interviewed many famous people. In 2016 he published his first book about Music with Angelo Borgis and other anecdotes from around the world of entertainment journalism! Robert currently works part-time for an IT news site while also touring, speaking on religions or spiritual topics at various events throughout America. 

Post Solds: 389

Robert has a firm grip on Music, religion, and marketing. He can also keep track of data security in the IT department and provide entertainment for gamers with his expertise there!

“I can’t believe you wrote such an amazing post! I appreciate all the time and effort that went into it; both were visible in this piece.”


Khadija Jeffery

Khadija has always been fascinated with the power of words, and after graduating from college, she found her passion in photography. During this time, Khadija read about philosophical ideas, which helped inspire what would soon become one book after another on philosophy for those who are interested or just need some clarification!

Post Sold: 44

If you’re planning to expand your business circle, this list is for you. These entrepreneurs found success by following their passions and breaking down barriers in the industry with technology or creative solutions like artistry, which Khadija is leading in very much.

Ernest Borgis

Ernest is radical, intelligent, and holds many interests. His background includes writing grant proposals for schools and managing marketing at an office chiropractic practice while also teaching badminton classes on the side! When he is not out exploring nature or training their students for competitions, you can find this passionate writer working hard on 10+ page research papers as part of fulfilling obligations needed to earn your degree from Colorado State University–Art History major. However, there were times when even these long-winded tasks proved too much, so thank goodness they’re only temporary until graduation comes knocking.

Post Sold: 1104 

Ernest has extensive knowledge of the industries mentioned above, making him well versed in all things about health and fitness, the healthcare/medical field, including residential properties, non-profit organizations like hospitals or nursing homes, and home repair services for residential homes.

“Wow, that was a phenomenal post. I loved how you wrote, and your creativity shines through in every word! You put effort into this, which is appreciated.”




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