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Noah Smith was taken advantage of being Honest.

When Noah Smith’s agency, NS Marketing, struggled to create weekly blog posts, he doubted something strange. It became clear that his digital content creation skills were subpar—a struggle for an SMB who feels like they should be doing more than just pushing out marketing messages on social media platforms every week. The lackluster tone in which these articles were written made it rugged enough, as is trying to maintain traction among thought leaders when you’re constantly aware your writing isn’t good enough or authentic.



“When Noah Smith announced his new Company, NS Marketing envisioned themselves as a trailblazer in analytics for the SMB space. However, with inconsistent blogging and lack of resources to represent themselves or clients, it became clear that this would not be possible without more substance than just talk, which is what ultimately disappointed investors most about them!”

Noah had difficulty focusing on his work when he sat down to write. His mind would always wonder, and there was nothing for him in the drive or Company’s media accounts- just scrolling through feed after endless scroll of posts from people he didn’t even know!

The Case Study Focused on 

  • NS Marketing growth in business after joining hands with the Writer Hub. 
  • The cost they were quoted by market competitors 
  • How The Writer Hub successfully managed to fall into affordability. 

When you need to communicate complex information understandably, it can be difficult. That’s why prominent personalities and data geeks go into business-speak when they’re writing for the web, or else just don’t post anything at all! But not everyone is so introverted – NS Marketing knows that their introverted selves love blogging too much.



"I can't express my excitement of good things about how great it is to work with The Writer Hub. The constant feedback from our customers keeps us on point and forces creative solutions for any problem they throw at you- which means there are never too many irons in the fire! I also love that this Company does real coverage, so we don't have to worry about constantly creating content ourselves."

  • Noah Smith, CEO, and founder, NS Marketing.

NS Marketing had always felt like second-tier thought leaders, even with the help of The Writer Hub. They needed something more to put their name on it and elevate themselves in people’s minds to be seen as true experts instead of just someone famous online. 

NS Marketing knew they could be doing more to move the needle on content, but it turns out that ordering posts and reading through everything was slowing them down. So Noah made a significant change: He only cares about edits after they’re approved by management if he has a personal involvement in each post himself! 

The Company’s new system means faster producing high-quality articles without sacrificing creativity or engagement.

The team of experts at NS Marketing wants to ensure that every piece of content they generate has the best chance for success. That’s why we doubled down on The Writer Hub Plus services, our full-scale content management service, and partnered with one such expert who helps run their Company’s blog sufficiently. 

Through this service, NS Marketing successfully attained the following services :

  • Multiple edit requests to the writers Lack in SEO Optimization Thorough research over the topic before content production. 
  • Industry competitive content through keyword search. 
  • CMS verification 
  • Proofreading with all content production protocols

“I’ve been looking for marketing consultants to help out with tasks but have had no luck. Then I found The Writer Hub who let me take advantage of their entire team dedicated entirely towards digital content!”

  • Noah Smith, CEO, and founder, NS Marketing.

Amelia Hampton is a pro at finding the perfect writer for NS Marketing, serving the writer hub.

For over six years, she had some plans for content execution. She knows how to reach out and add quality through preferred writers to create authoritative content with ease, even if it takes time!

“It is so cool to have a creative partner like Ampehlia who knows precisely what I’m thinking. She helps me brainstorm for new ideas, turn those into videos and teach other people about the fantastic things we’re up to!

  • Noah Smith, CEO, and founder, NS Marketing.

Noah has given me the green light to take over our content creation. He knows that I have a knack for coming up with topics and selecting articles from The Writer Hub writers, so he lets me do it without any interference! This saves NS Marketings time in an area usually reserved as being very technical or hands-on – Noah knows what’s best when you’re running his Company, after all – which means we can spend more of our precious hours on growing customers instead.

  • Amelia Hampton, Content and Account management, The Writer Hub



"NS marketing was successful in witnessing the following results soon after their affiliation with The Writer Hub "

  • Increase in website traffic up to 93%,41%out of which was through organic searching. 
  • Blogs viewership increased to 130%
  • Bounce rate decreases to 3 %
  • Deal Pipeline has boosted to 2.5x
  • Success ratio increases to 38%. 

With The Writer Hub Complete, NS Marketing doubled its pipeline in twelve weeks and saved countless hours. They also contracted six figures revenue from clients turning to them for content that drives awareness of all things digital because it’s reliable!

The revolutionized Company will never go back after relying on factual information about what people want – a personal touch paired with quality articles/ blog posts is critical when building relationships online today.

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