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Our Services saved TRK Communications by 57%

TRK Communications’ content management system needed an overhaul. The Writer Hub offered us efficient, scalable and user-friendly services to manage our content strategies. In addition, they have been using 50+ freelancers so that our tedious work gets off easily.

About TRK Communications

TRK Communication is a growing marketing agency that helps startups and scaleups with sustainable success. They manage their clientele’ strategies, including PPC campaigns; paid social media efforts such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords Conversion Optimization strategy through SEO services.



"We had a hard time finding freelancers with the right industry and SEO experience. Focused on diverse clients from DTC to fintech, we knew that finding an affordable rate was essential for our company's success!"

TRK Communications were in search of some outsource freelancers. TRK’s growth marketers were allowed to contact creative freelancers as per their expertise. As a result, they were aware of each client’s industry when TRK took on new projects. Unfortunately, due to unavailability, the company had to post listings on UpWork and other job sites as a way of sourcing qualified talent for future assignments. 

Whenever TRK Communication took on a new project, they would contact anywhere from five to ten freelancers in the client’s industry known by their team. If none had enough bandwidth for additional content production, it was posted onto UpWork to hire more easily and quickly!

“We know that to get a good start on our partnership, and we need data from the launches of your first campaigns. That’s why it’s important for us not only to be able to produce content quickly but also have an easy production timeline so you can publish soon after each campaign!”

A better solution was needed to improve the company’s internal SEO blog writing processes.

TRK was initially struggling as 3 points  

  • Hiring the Freelancers with great enthusiasm. 
  • Delay in boarding the freelancers had a bad impact on content production. 
  • The cost of hiring freelancers was daunting.  



"We love the idea of getting quick wins and being scrappy, so we set out on a mission to find an alternative solution that would help us improve our timeline."

The team at TRK Communication knew they were in good hands when Jimmy Daly recommended The Writer Hub to them. We’ve worked closely with them ever since, finding experts for any project big or small – whether it’s content marketing strategy consulting on business writing blogs; ghostwriting articles that need expanding into books (neys); producing videos and social media posts. 

“The wide pool of talent in The Writer Hub’s writing services provides a quick, reliable and effective solution that falls for our content production needs. As a result, our partners get faster results at the same quality as specialized freelancers – with an affordable price!”

  • Rozario Johansson – Creative and Marketing Head, TRK Communications 

When it comes to choosing the right software for your business, many factors need consideration. Quality, cost, and scalability are of primary importance for TRKs. The Writer Hub was consistent in producing the results for :

Additional services :

To produce information through limited resources worked as a challenging factor for any writer, but we were consistent in producing results through additional components such as videos and infographics. 

SEO friendly blog writing services:

TRK’s clients see better SERP outcomes because they can add SEO guidelines and provide feedback to writers.

Customizable plans:

The Writer Hub makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to manage their content needs. With a simple drag and drop interface, you can create different subscriptions in minutes that will be tailored just how your business wants them!

The network of writers provided to TRK generates quick content production, which yields quicker deliverables and fast data. In addition, they don’t have to dig for niche industries or run into freelancer bandwidth issues thanks to the writer Hub innovative platform that connects them with qualified professionals.

“I have been thrilled to see how the writer hub has made an impact on our SEO blog writing services in such a short time,” says Rozario. “The quality of their work is top-notch, and they offer great prices for the amount you get!”



"The cost of content production was reduced by over 57% within one month of implementing the company-wide strategy by The Writer Hub."

When Rozario tracked the numbers and saw that the writer hub was approximately 57% cheaper than average freelancers, TRK Communication had been paying previously. This new platform could help them save big on content production!

We outsourced the editing and optimization of our posts to the writer hub representative, who, like all our freelancers, are great at gaining deep knowledge on storytelling through brainstorming. The time spent on this one task was about what we would expect from member-artists within their network rather than external professionals so they can be assured quality standards will not slip through uncorrected. The output tone should remain casual. 

TRK Communication’s experience with the writer hub was smooth and successful. From onboarding through deliverables, they streamlined every step in the process while still allowing their experts’ freedom to provide quality results as expected by clients worldwide!

“TRK Communication is a great place to work because we save time and money while delivering awesome results for our partners. And the best part? It’s not just us – it was made possible by all of you who helped make this process better!”

  • Rozario Johansson – Creative and Marketing Head, TRK Communications  

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