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Rapidly Growing TRICONE Square.

The South Manchester marketing agency, on the hunt for talented freelance writers to keep their team small and content quality high just when they founded The Writer Hub to boost their content management.



“Tricone's content needs are constantly evolving, which is why we work with a diverse range of industries. As a result, we specialize in niches that offer never-ending demand and maintain quality control at scale across all platforms - what could be more perfect?”

Currently, TRICONE square is standing with 

  • A couple of management staff for content management.
  • Twenty-two clients in different industries.
  • Production of 60 content monthly.

Tricone had a problem. They were overwhelmed with work and couldn’t provide quality content for all their clients because they couldn’t manage time to research necessarily. Hence, it became difficult to satisfy each individual’s needs individually, which led to Tricones’ ranking on Google decreasing dramatically as more people left them due to lack of service from not giving personalized answers or help when needed most. 

The content outsourcing partners we had before were not very attentive to detail, so it was a huge relief when this new company (The Writer Hub) came along.

They had a quick turnaround and needed content that would be ready to go right out of the gate to focus on other high-impact aspects in their strategy.



"With The Writer Hub, we were able to free up time for more important tasks since their content management system did all of the heavy lifting. In addition, it allowed us as business owners and marketers in general – especially those who write themselves into corners with tight deadlines – a way out by taking care not just about what goes onto our website but also how it looks and reads from every angle."

  • Charlotte Taylor – Growth Analyst – TRICONE Square 

Soon After joining hands with the Writer Hub, the Tricone were consistent enough to build relationships with the trusted writers to bring quality in each department. The services widely offered by TRICONE were:

  • Electric motor services
  • Luxury homes
  • Retirement communities
  • Roofing companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Seawall construction

TRICONE found our writers capable of producing stellar, knowledgeable content for their more niche and technical clients.

“The first time I heard about The Writer Hub, they were talking at our content strategy sessions. It’s a platform that helps clients find great writers with strong creative abilities and instincts to produce high-quality work in no time flat – all while maintaining an air of professionalism throughout each project.”

The Writer Hub was able to get quality content that effectively positioned their clients as authorities in the respective fields with minimal oversight from within. And they did so by partnering up, giving them more time and energy for other essential growth components like SEO or branding!

Tricone has successfully used The Writer Hub’s services for both their clients and themselves. They can grow an audience while maintaining a lean team because of this partnership, all thanks in part due to you guys!



“TRICONE's clients see improved traffic across the board, with one client achieving an 8x increase in organic visitors from The Writer Hub content.”

Tricone is a company that specializes in marine construction. They have seen their traffic increase by 1.5x since they started using The Writer Hub content to communicate with potential customers, and this trend continues today!

The Writer Hub was consistent in giving TRICONE the boost for :

  • Thought Leadership 
  • Boosting Online Ranking 
  • Business Attraction.

Tricone has grown its business without sacrificing the results or time it takes for them. With a lean team, they’re more than ever able to do what needs to be done and help you get ahead in life with less stress!

“The great thing about being a small agency is that we can offer tailored services. We have different industries and client requirements, so it’s not just the same old boring content all day!”

Phillips Turner – CEO and Founder of TRICONE Square 

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