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Track Rider Calls for Content

When Track Rider founder and CEO Kevin Jones found himself spending a lot of money with a PR agency for coverage in places like Forbes and TechCrunch, which created valuable exposure through backlinks, but no one stayed around once they got there. He realized he needed content to keep people interested enough, so it’s not just another article about cars on the internet.



"Hiring a content writer is not as easy or straightforward in some companies. Kevin valued lean operations and wasn't interested in going through the hassle of adding full-time staff just so they can have someone write articles on their behalf, but needed an efficient solution that wouldn't cost them too much money either."

  • Hiring a content writer also comprises the following features 

    • More research 
    • Personification identity that complements your content body 
    • Quality assurance 
    • Offered resources if the content is not up to the mark 



"The content resonated with me, and I could tell that it was written by someone who knows our industry inside and out. There were so many things about the post in terms of its SEO optimization as well as on-brand voice—this will be something we use for future blog posts!"

  • Kevin Jones, Founder, and CEO, Track Rider 

Kevin was doubtful at first but was convinced to take The Writer Hub for a try. 

The world of digital technology is an ever-changing place, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the changes. For example, Kevin had looked at full-service agencies but paying hourly rates didn’t feel suitable for a startup who wanted to track their dollars to manage costs as they grew more successful!

“It’s easy to become a publisher with The Writer Hub. You just post your content and charge by the number of words, so there are no surprises or hidden fees! Plus, it’s completely trackable—you can see how much money was made in real-time on our site.”

Kevin appreciated the ease and usability of The Writer Hub’s platform. He was able to rely on preferred writers without having to worry about managing his time or workload himself, which allowed him peace of mind since it takes up so much energy when you’re doing things yourself!



"When Track Rider first started, it was only a small operation with less than ten vehicles in its fleet. However, since then, the company has grown so much that it could join Turo - one of California's largest car-sharing communities!"

Track Rider boosts in gaining organic attraction. 

The Track Rider team created profiles for every car they sold, which led them to rank on the top page of search results. With this new streamlined marketing funnel, it’s easier than ever before to find what you want and get in contact with sellers quickly and easily. 

The Writer Hub improves customer support for Track Rider 

The team’s stress levels dropped with more questions answered about the car profiles. They could handle less incoming work because they had already covered all key points in detail, reducing their workload significantly!

Enhance Customer experience 

The Writer Hub is a data-driven travel agency that creates personalized content to help people plan their trips. They work with local businesses and organizations, such as Track Rider’s blog., which can provide interesting articles about destinations in specific cities when customers book passage on board one of our vehicles!

Also, through the platform of The Writer Hub, Track Rider was able to :

  • Attract large audiences through SEO.
  • Catering existing customers with more quality production 

The company kept spending on paid advertising, but they were more thoughtful about where their money went this time. They invested in quality content that helped them maintain a steady 20% organic search share of traffic even as other sources dropped off completely

– Track Rider

In a single year, The Writer Hub went from being an unknown to joining Turo – the world’s largest car-sharing community with 5500 active markets across all six continents! This is precisely what happens when you get involved in something and trust that everything will work out for good.

It’s always interesting when a client reaches out and offers to do case studies. In this instance, Bora considered The Writer Hub one of five key pieces in his company’s growth over time with the help from software like these that have made all those successes possible.”

The customer’s feedback about the product has been exceptional. They were so impressed that they wanted other companies to know how great this company is and what kind of quality services are offered!

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